Downsizing  &Moving

Decide What To Keep

Simplify Your Space

Enjoy your Home

Living Room Interior

  Moving to a smaller home creates challenges. 

We help you determine what to move and how to arrange things.  

 We take the time to understand what will make your new space feel like home.


Start Early - If possible, we suggest you start working with us well in advance of moving.  We want you to have time to make thoughtful decisions and only move things that will fit in the new home.


Space Planning - Whether you are moving or staying in your home we can create a floorplan to determine how to best place your furnishings so they look good and allow for safe and efficient traffic flow.


Sorting - The process of determining what to keep and what to let go is difficult.  We guide you through that process.  We respect your decisions and do our best to ensure that you keep what is most important to you. 

Packing – When it is time to move, we can supply packing materials at a discounted price along with the manpower to professionally pack your belongings with care.

Moving – Moving involves so much more than just calling someone with a truck.  There are many important details for a successful move.  Our services include the following:

  • We provide you with a list of moving companies that we know are licensed, insured, and trusted to work efficiently and professionally.

  • We give the movers specific instructions about both ends of the move. How to access the new home, where and when trucks can be parked, use of freight elevators, stairs, etc.  

  • We make sure the moving company schedules enough movers to accomplish the job on time and give them a deadline for unloading. 

  • We oversee the moving company to make sure all items arrive undamaged and that the paperwork is complete.

  • Moving Day Details - We coordinate pet care, lunch for workers, etc.

  • We are your move day advocates!

Unpack and Set Up Your New Home - We will unpack and set up your entire home.  We will organize the kitchen, bathrooms and closets, make the beds, and hang pictures.  Our goal is to have your new home ready when you arrive. 

Shop For New Necessities - We can shop for new furniture or equipment you may need such as a suitable bed, shower bench, or non-slip mats.

What to Do with Items No Longer Needed - We are experts at finding homes for the things that won’t be moved.  We can arrange for items to be stored, shipped to family and friends, donated to charities and museums, sold through an estate sale, a consignment store or the Internet, or even just hauled away.   ​