Frequently Asked Questions

What is Move Management?

Move management is a profession that assists people and their families with the emotional and physical aspects of moving or cleaning out a home.

Our services start long before the move and include post-move support.  We minimize the chaos and stress associated with moving.  Our job is to take the worry (and work!) out of the entire move process.  Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Listening to You to Help Determine Your Needs

  • Creating a Plan and Schedule for the Project

  • Space Planning to Decide What Will Fit and Best Placement

  • Sorting / Decision Making 

  • Donating, Selling, Gifting, Disposing of Items No Longer Needed

  • Packing / Supply Materials and Labor to Gently Pack Your Belongings

  • Move Day Coordinators / Your Advocate with the Moving Company

  • Cleaning Empty Home, Recycle and Haul Off Unwanted Items

  • Unpacking and Organize Kitchens, Bathrooms, Closet

  • Setting Up a New Home - Make Beds, Hang Pictures, Plug in Electronics


Who uses Move Managers?

Our highly customized services are often used by seniors transitioning from one home to another or even from one apartment to another within the same retirement community.  Move Managers are also ideal for people of any age - busy families, couples, singles, or people going through a divorce.  

How much does it cost?

Each situation is unique and must be evaluated before giving an estimate.  The cost depends on a number of factors including the overall size of the residence, the accumulated belongings, family participation, and services requested.  These things will be discussed during the FREE in-home consultation so we can create a plan and a written estimate.  

Are you a moving company?

Sort & Pack Move Specialists is not a moving company.  We partner with moving companies so that we can remain an independent advocate for you.  We will recommend several reputable moving companies that have been interviewed, reference checked and are properly insured.  We look out for your best interests.  We will help you compare their quotes, understand the different insurance options they offer, and make sure the moving company has schedule enough staff.  On moving day we will make sure all items arrive and that the move paperwork is complete.  We make sure you get the best deal.  

Why Should I Hire a Move Manager?

It is not surprising that most people underestimate the time, cost, physical and emotional toll that is involved in moving.  When the cost of travel (flights, rental car, gas, hotel, meals, etc.) plus time off from work, buying tools and supplies, physical labor, figuring out how and where to dispose of unwanted items, on top of the stress on the relationship, most people pause part way into the project and think "there must be a better way."

Deciding to hire Sort & Pack Move Specialists to handle some or all of the project is the better way.  Hiring experts that have experience in estimating the true time and cost of a move, have connections to companies that can provide the needed services, know how to work with all kinds of situations and provide solutions will be one of the smartest things you do.

While there is a cost involved we have ways to offset the overall expense.  We have done comparison shopping for goods and services.  We have checked providers insurance, references and have experience working with them.  We will pass on preferred rates and will help you sell items that won't be moved.  Ultimately the value lies in relieving you of the work and stress of the move.   

How long does downsizing take?

Every situation is different and depends on our client's timeline.  Depending on the amount of sorting to be done and the target move date, it can take six days or six months.  Our goal is to keep the process moving forward and on a timeline that is comfortable for the client. For best results, we encourage clients to start early.  

What if I am moving out of the area?

For moves out of the area, we often partner with associates located throughout North America who are ready to help on the receiving end of your move.   


Do you help people that are not moving?

Absolutely.  Our services are used by people of all ages including seniors that want to stay in their homes.  Decluttering, organizing, rearranging furniture for better flow and safety are services requested by people that want to improve the livability of their current home.  Our services are also used by people that are tasked with cleaning out a loved one's home but do not have the time to tackle such a time-consuming project.   Hiring a third-party eases tension that may exist within families.  


I am moving from one apartment to another within my retirement community.  Can you help?

Yes.  Even though moving within the same community is a short distance move there is still lots to do especially if the new apartment is smaller.  Things still need to be sorted, packed, moved and set-up.     

Can you help me clean out a home after the death of a relative?

Yes.  Sorting, documenting and dispersing the belongings of a loved one is a monumental task.  It is time-consuming, stressful and emotionally draining.  Using a third party keeps the process moving forward and helps manages friction that sometimes arises within families.