Senior Move Specialists

Sort Through Years of Belongings

Preserve Memories

Make a New Space Feel Like Home

Happy Grandparents

Culling through a lifetime of possessions can be difficult.

We listen carefully to understand what is important to you then we create a plan together. 

We give you peace of mind.   

Personalized Plans Our highly customized services are designed to help older adults.  We make sure our senior clients are involved in every step of the decision-making process and we do our best to recreate the comforts of home in their new space.

Start Early - We suggest clients start working with us well in advance of a move when possible.  We have learned that 4-hour shifts are the most productive.  It has been proven that when we have time to prepare a client emotionally for the move they are much happier in their new space.

Preserving Memories - We help our clients select their favorite things to keep and determine how these items can fit into their new home.  We take special note of items of historical or family significance.  

Space Planning - We will create a floorplan for the new home.  We help you decide what furniture to move and where it will safely fit in the new home. 

Shop For New Items When Needed - Often times furniture that works in a family home can't fit in a smaller space.  We can help you shop for new items that will make your new home comfortable.

Downsizing / Estate Sale - Older adults making a lifestyle transition often have not moved for many years and need to downsize considerably.  We help our clients determine what items should make the move with them.  We then help determine if an estate sale is appropriate.  We can also arrange for items to be stored, sold individually, gifted, donated or hauled away.  


Sort / Pack / Move / Set Up New Home - When it is time to move we can pack and supervise the moving company.  We can then unpack, make beds, hang pictures, and plug in electronics.   We will re-create the placement of items to help make the new home feel familiar and add special touches to create the comforts of home.